Complete travel medical consultation with pre-departure assessment, prescriptions for travel vaccines & medications, and destination-specific advice.


Traveler's Diarrhea*

Specialized consult for protection against gastrointestinal diseases like Traveler’s Diarrhea (TD), the most common ailment encountered abroad.



Specialized consult for malaria, preventive medications and resources to protect against mosquito-borne diseases.


Yellow Fever*

Specialized consult for Yellow Fever (YF) vaccination. Yellow fever vaccine is required for entry to several countries and recommended for many others. Exemption Certificate available where applicable.



Reduce health risks, and protect you and your loved ones for getaway trips. For travelers staying in all-inclusive resorts and hotels.


Altitude Sickness*

Specialized consult for altitude sickness and preventing Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).


Religious Travel*

Certain religious trips are associated with increased destination-specific risks and travel requirements.